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Our Purpose
The vision of Doral Academy Inc. is to provide a high quality K-12 seamless education that maximizes upon student potential and kindles a pursuit of lifelong learning. The schools within the system offer a curriculum that contributes to the vision by providing students with a full range of opportunities in the classroom, as well as through clubs and community service, to learn and develop skills that will empower them to become lifelong learners. Students learn about the importance of communication, conflict resolution, ethics, reasoning, and the application of what they have learned and researched. Through this combination of skills, our schools hope to encourage students to continue in their pursuit of knowledge beyond high school graduation.

The mission of Doral Academy Inc. focuses on continually developing a high quality K-12 educational learning environment where a community of stakeholders are dedicated to promoting an exceptional educational experience with an obligation to ensure that our students engage in rigorous learning opportunities that will help them strive for academic achievement and a desire to be lifelong learners and successful leaders in their professional careers. Doral Academy Inc. schools provide opportunities for all students to learn by taking into account the student needs as evidenced through data collected. Staff at both the system and school level set high academic and social expectations for the students and ensure that students learn in meaningful and innovative ways.

It is the commitment of each Doral Academy school to uphold high expectations for all, to create safe and caring learning environments, and to maintain a culture where parents, teachers, students, governing board members, and community stakeholders work as a cohesive team. It is this common commitment aligned with the vision to provide a high quality of education to develop lifelong learners that has yielded the academic success of Doral Academy. The driving force behind this success is the motivation and dedication of each stakeholder to not just maintain that vision, but to continuously strive to reach beyond it from year to year. The result has been a school system that is characterized by successful students, innovative educators, exceptional administrators, committed board members, and engaged parents.